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What is the news from the Who'd?

October 2021

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March 2021

Hello everyone! There is much to tell you from the Who'd this month. Firstly we are absolutely thrilled to have one of 22 national awards from the 2021 Census Heroes Campaign. For us this is a reflection of how the whole village has supported each other through a very difficult time. We genuinely appreciate the support we have had from you and continue to have and do not take this for granted.

The million dollar question…. When will the Who'd be reopening?

As you will already know according to the Governments road map out of lockdown, pubs will hopefully be able to reopen inside on the 17th May. We are also permitted to open on an outside only basis from the 12th April. As you can imagine this has given us a quandary to think about…. Do we open outside fully from the 12th? What about the weather? Do we open for just drinkers or for alfresco dining and drinking?

How can we improve our outside space?

 It has not been an easy decision to make- trying to balance our natural inclination to open at the first available opportunity with our concerns about how viable this would be. As you know The Who'd has a number of particular challenges… we do not have a huge outside space and the weather here can be, shall we say, bracing. There is every chance a marquee if we were to put one up would develop a mind of its own fairly quickly.

What have you decided?

We want to give you your pub back. We have missed you and want to see you all. We have decided to test the waters with the following al fresco bar opening hours from the 15th April.

Thursday 4-8pm

Friday 4-8pm

Saturday 4-8pm

Sunday 12-4pm

If we are really busy these opening hours will change…. If our garden area is full at 8pm and everyone is having a great time with sun-downers in their hands we have no intention of calling last orders!

What will the menu be?

Again this was another difficult decision. We did not want to go down the reduced menu route with a reliance on pre made freezer to fryer/ microwave products. This would have eliminated our concerns about wastage, if the weather is not kind to us, but it is just not our vision for The Who'd. However our full seasonal, fresh and made on site reopening menu which we will launch in May  was also untenable- we don’t know what the weather will be like and we have no idea how busy it will be based on outside drinking and dining. With this in mind we would appreciate pre orders where possible for both takeaway and al fresco dining.

What food will you be doing when you are open?

We have decided to run the menu with a themed approach… Our “Fish Frydays” and Sunday “Roasts with the Most” are incredibly popular and we are proud of what we have achieved. We have decided that on Fridays we will run our Fish Fryday menu not just as a takeaway, but also for those who want to dine here with us. Similarly we will be running our Sunday Roasts as a takeaway and as an al fresco dining option. On a Thursday we will be running a new exciting Gourmet Burger menu available to takeaway or al fresco dining- and on a Saturday we are excited to tell you that we have invited Rob & Sib (ex Carpenters Arms) to run a wood fired sourdough pizza menu from their new pizza van which will be stationed on our car park on Saturday nights throughout the period of time that we are only allowed to open outside… In summary our menu will be be….

  • Thursday- Gourmet Burger night with options including the Boris Burger, the Orville Burger, the Big Bird, the Sexy Cow and the Daft Cow. Have a look at our website! Available 5- 7.30pm to takeaway or eat here.

  • Friday- Fish Frydays- available 5- 7:30pm to takeaway or eat here

  • Saturday – Sourdough Wood Fired Pizzas from Rob and Sib available 5- 7.30pm

  • Sunday - Roast with the Most available 12- 2.30pm

Some words from Rob and Sib….

We are extremely happy to be able to work alongside Caz and Tracey at The Who’d Have Thought It. We have known them for several years now and have always had a mutual professional respect. Caz and Tracey have been extremely supportive and enthusiastic about our next foodie venture. Thanks to the Who’d team, Rob’s homemade sourdough pizzas will be available every Saturday evening at 5pm until 7:30pm from Saturday 17th April in the car park of the charming pub.  Many will remember us from another nearby establishment where we started making pizzas nearly 11 years ago. Rob has mastered his knowledge of making traditional Italian pizzas using our own sourdough starter known as Brian, and many years of having an Italian judge at hand. Lockdown has given us the chance to research and find a mixture of both made in Cornwall and made in Italy top range products to use on our exciting recipes. It is mainly the preparation of our dough and how it is cooked, that is the not-so-secret behind what we have always done. Thank you, Who’d team, for the opportunity.

 - Rob, Sib and Keira @ Lil’ Pizza Heaven

Will takeaways continue?

Yes ! We need to make sure everyone feels included whether they want to eat at home or enjoy our space. In fact you now have more options and more evenings to choose from as we launch Gourmet Burger Thursdays and Wood Fired Sourdough Pizzas on a Saturday.

Can we order a takeaway and change our mind?

Absolutely… if its beautifully warm and you fancy it grab a table and enjoy a drink with your takeaway.

Have you any plans with the outside space?

We do…. We have more tables in our beer garden and have increased the seating at the front of the pub. We have revamped both spaces and have plans to keep you as warm as possible!

What are the rules we have to follow and do we need to book to drink or dine with you from Thursday 15th April?

You don’t need to book but you are welcome to should you wish to. We have started to take bookings for both outside in April/ May and inside from the 17th May… Please book through our website or give us a call. You are advised to book for tables inside from the 17th May as we anticipate being busy.

We will need contact details from you if you are drinking and dining with us and all ordering will be done from your table. You are welcome to use our ordering app should you wish to or order with us from your table… You are able to come into the building to use the toilets and the social distancing rules are… no more than six people on a table from up to six different households…

They say there is no such thing as the wrong weather…. Just the wrong clothes. Get yourselves suitably attired and we can’t wait to see you from Thursday 15th April!

Team Who'd x

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Census 2021 Community Hero Award

March 2021

We are thrilled to announce that we were nominated for the Census 2021 Community Hero award by our community and have won! This is a national award - with 22 winners across the UK.

Thank you so much - this is a reflection of the whole village community and how we have pulled together through a very difficult time.

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